2 years ago
(Translated by Google) I met this winery about a year ago during Vinitaly. In my opinion, they produce a good variety of excellent wines. My favorites are the Villa Ginnetti and the Riserva, also called "Deformed" for the peculiar shape of the neck of the bottle, absolutely unique, but there are many others. I made everyone who knows these wines taste them and enjoyed them immensely. Whenever I can, I refuel directly at the winery store. Highly recommended !!! (Original) Ho conosciuto questa cantina circa un anno fa durante il Vinitaly. Producono una buona varietà di vini, a mio avviso, eccellenti. I miei preferiti sono il Villa Ginnetti e la Riserva, detta anche "Deformata" per la peculiare forma del collo della bottiglia, in assoluto unico, ma ce ne sono molti altri. Ho fatto assaggiare a tutte le persone che conosco questi vini e sono piaciuti immensamente. Ogni volta che posso, faccio rifornimento direttamente al punto vendita della cantina. Consigliatissima!!!
- Eleonora B
2 years ago
(Translated by Google) The winemaking tradition of the Velletri area has secular origins; less known than the realities of the overlooking Marino, Frascati and Aprilia and yet equally rooted. Consequently, the burden of preserving and spreading this legacy rests on Veliterna Vini. I had the pleasure of meeting some members of society during the main festival of the country, the Grape and Wine festival, and, as a citizen of Velletri, I was sincerely impressed by their work, in the name of genuine passion and trust in a territory that deserves so much to be preserved. (Original) La tradizione vinicola del territorio di Velletri ha origini secolari; meno nota rispetto alle realtà delle prospicienti Marino, Frascati ed Aprilia eppure egualmente radicata. Di conseguenza su Veliterna Vini grava l'onere di conservare e diffondere questa eredità. Ho avuto il piacere di incontrare alcuni esponenti della società durante la principale sagra del paese, la festa dell'Uva e dei Vini, e, come ci...
- Leonardo B
2 years ago
(Translated by Google) DOC Velletri red wine reserve TERRA DEI VOLSCI excellent and excellent value for money (Original) Vino doc Velletri rosso riserva TERRA DEI VOLSCI eccellente ed ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo
- Giovanni E


The ancient  city  “Velester”  during the Volsci’s kingdom, located on the slopes of the Artemisio Mountains, takes its name from the Romans “Velitrae” which according to the language of the Flamines, an ancient religious authority, which means “place of cultivation”. Infact, the Flamines were the first people to teach those who cultivated the Velitrae territory how to plant the vines, harvest , produce and maintain the wine. It is thanks to the etruscans that the use of wine which was initially reserved for the cults and the noble class, already in the past started to spread throughout the lower class as a popular daily drink. Velletri’s  wine producing vocation appears therefore, destined from its birth and its wine from the cultivation of fine grapes favored by the volcanic nature of the soil acquired immediately admirers and notoriety in ancient Rome, infact, in the first century of the Christian era the quality and the strengths of  Velletri wines were praised and exalted by famous writers and  naturalists such as Plinio il Vecchio and  Lucio Giunio Columella. The tradition has been passed on in the following centuries and it is known that  Pope Gregorio VII and Bonifacio VIII were fine admirers of wines. Velletri’s wine the “Veliternium suave poto” belonging to the Romans, in time, consolidates it fame even if for several centuries after the fall of the Roman empire did not extend many kilometers outside of the city walls. The production as well as the commercialization and   the wealth  regains strength starting with the construction of  Velletri a free commune. There is evidence from the numerous provision of the ancient city statues which aimed to protect and favor  this primary and irreplaceable  form of economy. Between the XIII and XIV century, Velletri had its first statues and which Sisto IV confirmed in 1477, already in this era precise rules regulated the activities directly related to the production and commercialization of wine. The municipal laws do not make much reference regarding the quality and the quantity of wines grown, we only know that the wine was classified as “Latino” or national or “Greek” if from vines produced  and imported by Greece. The system of installation of vineyards in use was still the same method used and adopted from the first etruscans or volsci vine growers which was the vines placed on trees, infact, the vines were also called “albereti” or “arboreti”.  In the ages in which wineries or any type of cooperation was still far to come, every winegrower was responsible for his own vineyard. It was therefore necessary that everyone had the proper equipment in order to be able to produce wine and conserve it in the best hygiene and sanitary  conditions possible in this historical period. Availing of the scientific progress and modern techniques the wine growers of the Velletri territory have in years transformed the art of cultivating the vines improving and refining the wines from them produced. Unfortunately, little and not enough has been done for the name and the image of  Velletri wines which have been popularized and spread throughout Europe and in the world. 

It is for this reason that January 22nd 1950  70 Velletri winegrowers with a production of only 15.000 hectoliters of wine met together to give life to the Consorzio Produttori Vini of  Velletri, with the precise intention of giving value to their product and commercializing it with a label and its real name “Wines of  Velletri”. Today Veliterna Vini srl has collected testimonies counting on the support of the partnership of the winegrowers and of high quality grapes coming from their vineyards, thanks to the excellent quality of wines and careful managing of the company, this mission continues still today with a final objective which is to render justice to a product that with its particular organoleptic quality and taste, deserve a proper place in the vast range of Italian wines, also giving importance to foreign markets like: Canada, USA, South America, China and North Europe. This is the reason why Veliterna Vini has chosen to orient its winegrowers on the containment of the production per hector to favor quality and to select vine types that are less productive but more qualifying for our wine on both national and international markets receiving positive consensus  from our consumers.   

The  winery located in Campoverde, is structured in two separate buildings each with a designated function. The first structure where all the harvesting activities take place, from grape selection to  post harvesting, wine making and refining to then be transferred to a second structure for the bottling phase, loading and unloading of merchandise with a direct sales store. The winery is furnished with the following facilities, 4 grape unloading pits, four pressers, two soft pressers, two refrigeration groups with capacity of 1.500.000 Kcal/h and a high tech analysis and testing laboratory. Of great importance is the cooper where the refining of  wines take place in barriques of French oak  Alloer & Troncais and French barrels of 50hl with total capacity of 3 thousand hectoliters of wine for the aging of Velletri D.o.p. Rosso Riserva. Two bottling plants with 8000 liters/h of various glass capacity are also available, where the entire range of Veliterna Vini products are bottled and more specifically: Velletri d.o.p. White, Superiore Velletri red d.o.p. and d.o.p. Riserva, Castelli Romani d.o.p.. white and red, i.g.p. Lazio Merlot, Sangiovese, Cesanese, Syrah , Chardonnay and Malvasia. 

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